Friday, 6 June 2014

Year 4 become film stars!

Year 4 had, in their own words 'one of the best days ever!' yesterday.
We were lucky enough to be visited by a company called Frontline Productions who came in and showed us a perfromance based on the life of Sergeant Walter Tull.
We then worked with the year 3 class in workshops on artefacts, we saw some amazing things that were actually in the war 100 years ago such as grenades that had been made safe. We also saw uniforms from the war.
Our next workshop was drama, we had to act out different scenarios in groups all in silence (yes we managed it!) and then this was put in a short film. They added music and sound effects to our film and we watched it at the end of the day.
It was perhaps one of the most amazing sessions I have seen in a school, the children really engaged with the men leading it and found out so much about the war as well as this you could see they really started to understand the emotion attached to the war.
We came back after the session and did a writing lesson based on the activities, you will be so impressed with the results! These will be uploaded later but for now here are some photos showing you our day!


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