Friday, 14 February 2014

A Tudor banquet by Corey

First course
Roast pig tongue
Leg of pork
Roast beef
Roast venison (deer)
Meat pie
Seasonal veg

Second course
Roast lamb
Roast goose
Roast peacock

Fruit tart and custard

This was part of my homework project,I woulnd't like all of this food but I would like the leg of pork, bread, roast lamb and the desert.

Some photos of our homework so far

Joe and Jadens homework

Henry's wives

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Let's get writing!

So this year we are encouraging the children to enter the BBC radio 2 competition to write a story in 500 words. Miss Carr has done an assembly on this and we have had some amazing ideas already.
Children will need to do this at home but we are happy to give advice and read with them.
There are lots of great tips and advice on this  site too.

Let me know how you get on!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Keeping up with the news!

Year 4 don't forget to keep on top of current stories in the news. First news is a great website but with supervision look at some of the more grown up newspapers like National Geographic

Let me know what you think of them, how effective are they? Do they appeal do a different audience?

Do you enjoy them! :)

Miss Carr

Super class 4 boxing!

Today in PE we learnt the slip, upper cutt and we recapped the hook. We are really enjoying it but the boys need to remember to be more gentle. Sadly we couldn't get any photos of our lesson. A girl got the boxer of the week which means she played well and followed instructions.

Armpit chocolate

Yes you read this right, one of the girls decided to make some melted chocolate for the head teacher, she used her armpit?? But strangely our head teacher didn't want it?
We are learning about the diiferent temperatures that things melt, we tried ice cream (in our mouths and the class) and then we moved on to chocolate! YES!

 oooh it's all squidgy!
 These are our crayons! Don't tell Mrs Impey!
 It wouldn't be chocolate without marshmallows would it!
 We used logits to see how hot the temperature was.
 We made a new color with those crayons.
 Anybody up for hot chocolate?
 I was shocked to see the temperature turned that hot!
 This is one of our logits.
 BBQ chocolate! We had to put our candles in sand to keep it safe.

Yummy! We really enjoyed this lesson! WE ALL LOVE SCIENCE!!