Friday, 23 May 2014

Minecraft in reality by Ronnie

Minecraft in reality


“Are you still playing that stupid game?” growled Mum from upstairs.

“Go away Mum!” shouted Alex.

Alex was a 10 year old boy who loved playing on Minecraft, he thought Minecraft was an awesome game but his nightmares were about to come true. Read on If you dare!!

“You better do your homework or you are banned from Minecraft for life” yelled Mum.

“Oh fine I’ll do it” replied Alex meanly.

Alex pressed on the Esc button on his computer and gently moved the mouse to save and exit and then he pressed the shutdown button feeling angry that he had to do his homework. Alex got up off the comfy sofa and stomped over to the table, where his homework book was waiting for him.

“Stupid mum making me do my homework” whispered Alex to himself.

Alex opened his homework book and mysteriously, creepers started exploding on his page. He was shocked about the creepers being on his page. So he shook his head and then the creepers suddenly disappeared. He flipped the page to a clear one. He wrote the date (Tuesday 21st April 2014) then a zombie ate the date then straightened his hands and pulled him into the book


He went through a vortex that had the nether colour. Just then he fell right though a tree onto the ground.

“Ahh what happened?” Alex asked himself

“Wait a….. OMG I AM IN MINECRAFT!!! YAY” Alex screamed with joy.

Alex started to run in a circle. As he was running in a circle, he got really dizzy and bumped into a tree and got knocked out. As he was unconscious, a villager came and brought him to the village. After waiting a few hours Alex finally woke up.

“Hi player, you have been transported into Minecraft. If you are from reality you are the holy chosen one!” said the villager

“Err… What?” replied Alex?

“Legend says that the holy person that played Minecraft on his so-called pc and if he or she has to do homework he or she gets fed up then gets transported into this blocky world”

“Cool I am the chosen one! But how do I get home?” asked Alex

“That lies in the cave of destiny also there is a mighty scroll back to this village” replied the villager

“Ok I shall start my adventure to get back home and I shall bring that mighty scroll back here”

Alex grabbed a wooden sword and started his journey. It took him long and tiring trips around the Minecraft map but finally found the cave.

Alex felt really scared but there was no turning back. Alex grabbed his diamond sword and ran straight in.

“Hello… Is anyone here?!” screamed Alex in terror.

Loads of skeletons were hung on the wall with a golden plate on top of each one saying trespasser. He got his diamond sword ready for battle and slowly walked down the tunnel. Then suddenly a zombie appeared, he swung he sword right though his old dirty chest, destroying the zombie making him drop some items. Alex picked it up eating the rotten flesh giving him food poisoning.

“Ahh” said Alex felling really dizzy. He continued going down the tunnel. After fighting many zombie, creepers and skeletons he finally made it to the area where the scroll of destiny is. He snuck around a wall to take cover. He saw the scroll being guarded by Ether. Ether is a fierce worrier with three heads and hands like tentacles. Alex had to think of a plan.

“I got it!” whispered Alex to himself. Quickly, he got out his bow and shot the Ether, making him feel really angry.

“Uh oh” said Alex in a shock.

He ran right up a wall then he shot the Ether with a bow and TNT making it blow up all over the walls.

“That was easy” whispered Alex.

He swiftly walked to the scroll and saw the scroll was on how to create a nether portal. There was a story at the back as well. Legend say for the hero to return home he needs to create a nether portal and hop in then it will take him home.

“Got it”

Alex ran out of the cave and back to the village. When he arrived at the village he went to the villager’s house. Alex knocked forcefully on the door and an old woman opened the door making a load creaky noise.

“Hello young lad what are you doing here?”

“Err hi Miss do you know if villager is in?” asked Alex.

 “Villager oh I am sorry lad I am afraid he has passed away just last week” Replied the old woman

“What, but I…” said Alex.

“Don’t worry I will take you to his grave” replied the old woman in a soulful voice.

The old woman slowly came out of the old house and started walking, with Alex beside her. After 2 minutes they finally arrived at the grave house. The old rusty gate opened with a horrible noise.

“So where is he?” asked Alex

“Over here” replied the old woman

The old woman walked over to a grave stone saying Villager born on 12 January 1985 and died on 23rd of May 2014. Alex got a pair of flowers on the way to the grave yard. He placed them on the ground and walked away leaving the old woman behind.
“What a good lad” Said the old woman. Alex opened the scroll to see the instructions of how to craft a nether portal. It told him to go to a bottom of a cliff carrying a diamond pickaxe. After many days Alex finally found the cliff. He looked down trying to find water to land in, and then he found some water that was deep. He jumped all the way into the water. Thankfully, there were cobblestones blocking the lava from the water. Before the zombies came, he quickly destroyed the cobble stones and then it created 14 obsidian blocks. He got his diamond pickaxe and obtained the obsidian then he built a nether portal. Now he just needed to light it up. He got his flint and steels and lit up the portal. The portal was created so he jumped in. He could feel himself falling through the vortex and then he was back home. Alex’s mother came through the door saying

“Have you done your homework?”

“Err” Alex said nervously

Alex’s mum grabbed his homework book out of his shaking hands and went thought the book find the latest date. When she arrived at the page, she was pleased that he has done his homework.

“Well done son you have done your homework you can go on Minecraft for 1 hour and that’s that” said mum

“YAY WOO” shouted Alex

Alex pushed the chair back and went straight on his computer then launched Minecraft. When he launched the world a villager winked at him. Alex shook his head as he realised it wasn’t a dream. It was Minecraft in reality!


Benjamin Wong said...

Great job Ronnie!!

Benjamin Wong said...

Great job Ronnie!!