Tuesday, 28 October 2014

To our readers from across the world!

I checked the statistics page of our blog and we are reaching readers from across the world!
So hello to the readers from Spain, Jersey, Ireland, America, France and Australia!
Year 4 love seeing the different countries we are reaching so keep spreading the word please!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Our first steps in fundraising!

Parents and friends of the school will know that we are in the process of raising funds for a new a project on reading. I'm lucky enough to be working with an amazing group of parents who have offered their help in many ways and on Friday we had our first event. We had donations of cakes and biscuits from parents which were then sold in the library with tea. The tea will become more popular as the winter sets in I think! :) 
They then sold these with the books that were kindly donated at the end of the year, this will be a regular event so don't worry if you missed out! It was also lovely spending some time chatting to the parents and children outside of the classroom!
So you may be wondering where your money will be going,as a group we have set out the phases of spending to improve our library. First bit will be to update the books! If you want to know more about this project or if you think you can help in any way then let me know!
I'll update you with how much we managed to raise once we're back.

Have a fantastic half term everyone!

Friday, 24 October 2014

All about me by coel and Fahd

Hello our names are Fahd and Coel we both like the same thing we are like buddies we will be friends for ever. We both like football, minercraft and pokemon.  we both like red and blue.  we all did mummies and pyramids Coel did a mummy, Fahd  did a mummy in a tomb. 

Anna&Rhiannon's Post on dogs

Hi I'm Rhiannon my favourite  breed of dog is Pug. Hi I'm Anna and my favourite breed of dog is a West Highland Terrier. Now that's enough about us, and let's start talking about dogs! There's lots of breeds of dogs such as a Jack Russell, a West Highland Terrier and a Pug. Dogs can be pets and they can be wild. People say dogs are man's best friend! That's why we chose to do a post on them! Dogs are mammals. They are omnivores which means they eat everything that is edible for them. Sometimes they can be tiny, sometimes huge and sometimes they can be somewhere in the middle. Dogs can woof, growl or whimper. That is all we know about dogs.

Felix and Joseph's favourite games

I am Joseph and my favourite game is called Pokemon. It's a game on the 3ds XL where you have to train these magical beasts to a higher level and battle against other trainers. Now onto Felix! Hi  I'm Felix and I like football.  I support Chelsea as for my friend Joseph he is a bit more unfortunate he supports Tottenham. Now it's back to the nostradamus Joseph! My second favourite game is called mino monsters. Its basically a replica of Pokemon but you get many different things. 


By Felix and Joseph

All about me by coel

Hello my name is Coel my favourite lesson is maths I love maths we do maths every day and English. My favourite thing is Pokemon my teacher is Miss Carr she is very nice I alsolike football, my friends love it too.

About James and Rory

Hello our names are James and Rory.  We like the lego movie because we love Lego and we like English because we like writing and acting things. 

by James and Rory 

Sandrige school band.

We have a school band that has all sorts of instruments like a violin, recorder, trumpet, trombone, and a clarinet. In band we do fun music and awards in our assemblies.  we have a junior band and a senior band. We perform at many of our fairs like the summer fair, soon we are playing at the remembrance assembly after half term.  Mrs Taylor is the leader of band and she provides plenty of music for everyone  there.

By Avina and Megan

Thursday, 23 October 2014

All about me by Rory

I  like  literacy because it makes me use better language.
I am 9 years old and I have a brother called Harry. He is nice but sometimes annoying!
I am good at reading.

All about me by Freddie.

Hello my name is Freddie I am here to tell you a bit about me, my favourite animal is a cat  I like art.  EI always write books at home. My favourite time of the year is Halloween because I like ghost and sweets. My favourite desert  is a chocolate sunday  with marshmallows  and sprinkles and I have relatives in Gibraltar and I am 8 years old .

All about me by Caleb

Hello my name is Caleb and I am going to tell you all about me.
The special thing about me is my name is in the bible! My favourite hobby is maths because my brain chose that is good for me.I like my name because it does sound so nice to me.Dont you think it is a nice name?My friends are Jacob,Fahd,Eugene,Coel,Rory,Jack and kyle.You can see I do have a lot of friends.I will tell you how I had these friends.Jacob became my friend by showing me the school.Fahdand Coel became my friends when I was crying for my first ever time.Eugene became my friend when I did not get to show my pyramid.Rory became my friend when on non school uniform day,I helped him and I like his Lego movie cardigan.Jack became my friend when I got out knex 360.Last but not least KYLE became my friend when he welcomed me.

All about us! By Ellie and Mia

Hello my name is Mia,one of my favourite subjects is maths. I love maths because I can use my brilliant and beautiful brain to work out calculations. The other subject I like is science because you learn about animals!

 Hi my name is Ellie.  My favourite subject is English because I can show off my imagination skills. 
Snow Leapods are my favourite animal. Did you know that when I joined the WWF there was only around 30 left in the wild, now there are over 300! I also have a little brother called Jack.

All about me Sophie

Hello my name is Sophie,I am here to tell you about myself and what I like, enjoy.My stronger subject is English I like this subject because I enjoy writing stories[I love using my imagination].
My best friends are Poppy, Mia, Charlotte, Rosie and well a lot of others. I have a dog and a little brother called Brody (he's sometimes annoying) but like any other kid I love being me!

All about me,Junayd

I am Junayd and I'm about to tell you about myself.

My favourite sport is football and I support Arsenal.  My favourite colour is red and I also like running. I like pokemon on the 3DSxl. My favourite subjects are maths and P.E. In maths I like multiplication mostly 12xtables (only writing them). I'm in year 4 and Miss Carr is my teacher. Our topic is Ancient Egypt.  It is very YUKKY.


All about me by Anna

Hello I am Anna and I am going to tell you a bit about me and what I like.
My favourite colour is red even though I am a girl. My favourite subject is science, my favourite animal is a peregrine falcon. I am good at writing stories, non-fiction and even poetry. I like animals, dragons, ( even though they aren't real) and furbies. I have started a book called 'bat attack'

All about me by Charlotte

I am Charlotte and I am in class 4.  My favourite subject is art because you get to use paint ,pastels also get creative.  I also love my fantastic and beautiful teacher her name is Miss Carr, we also have a teaching Assistant named Mrs Hulll.  My favourite colour red.  My favourite animal is a dog.  My hobby is dancing.  Last of all I am 8 years old.My friends are Rosie,Mia,Ellie,Sophie, they are my best friends.

By Charlotte

All about me by Fahd

Hello my name is Fahd my favourite lesson is maths and art. We do maths every day and english.
But maths is fun and my teacher is Miss Carr.
My favourite thing is football, my friends love it to
My friend is Coel and Caleb.

All about me by Felix

My name is Felix and I am going to tell you all about me and what I like to do. My favourite subject is maths and I love to calculate decimals and multiply lots of different numbers. My friends also like maths which is a good thing if I get stuck. I turned 9 one month ago and got some great presents! I love football and I play for a team called Harvesters and I have scored 6 goals this season. I am good at spellings because this week I got 10 out of 10! I like english and are topic is the egyptians. I support Chelsea and I am going to watch England in November. My favourite animal is a snake and I love facts. I have 1 annoying little sister who is 6.                                                                                           Thank you for reading by Felix.

All about me by Megan

Hi, my name is Megan and my favouite colour is black and white. My favouite thing to do is go outside and go on my trampoline, I go to many clubs like judo but I do get hurt most of the time! I love my school and all of my freinds like Stephanie and Avina. My favouite animal is a pig

and I love my teacher Miss Carr!

All about me by James

My favourite lesson in school is PE because you do sporty things like football and tennis and I like playing with my friends and I like playing on my xbox.I like playing on my ipad that I bring everywhere.
In my class my freinds are Rory, Coel and Eugene.

All about me by Joseph

I am called Joseph and I am going to tell you a bit about myself.

My favourite subject is maths and my favourite thing to do in maths is either multiply decimals or add together 4/5 digit numbers. I also like splitting numbers into eigths, fourths and thirtyseconds because it is very fun the way you have to work it out mentally. My second favourite subject is english because I have got good handwriting and I have decent spellings. Also I get a good quantity of writing done in 30 minutes so thats why I like it.
I have 2 sisters called Amy and Sophie also I have a brother called Billy.
My favourite outside sport is definately football because I can nearly do every skill. Every one apart from the rainbow flick.
The best thing about me is being cool!!!!!

Thank you for reading my mega awesome blog post on myself!!!

And remember to stay cool!

All about me by Jacob

Hello my name is Jacob and I am going to tell you about me.
I love Football mainly because I am very good at it!

I am also good at tennis!

At home I always get time to play in my garden and play a game called minecraft!!

I also like judo and I also like Swimming!

I am an only child.

I  am good at rugby because my uncle is rugby player

I am very funny.

I love sandridge school.

All about me! by Rosie

I am Rosie and this is what I like. My favourite subject in school is art because you get to use the paint, pastels and get messy. I also love my beautiful and fabulous teacher her name is Miss Carr!
My hobby is horse riding.
My favourite animal is a horse. My favourite colour is red.
Last of all I am 8 years old.

All about me by Lidia

I like maths and science. In class my friends are Ellie and Megan.
I moved from Majorca in Spain so I have had to learn to speak English. Miss Carr says I am doing brilliantly!
I have a little sister called Diana and she is 5. My mum works at the school as an MSA.

All about me by Ethan

Hello my name is Ethan and I'm going to tell you a bit about me. First of all I am Scottish and my favourite country is Scotland because it has lots and lots of countryside and by the way I love countryside is well . My favourite animal are cats because they are really cute and fluffy,my favourite thing of all time is pokemon ! 

All about me by Avina

Hello my name is Avina.  My favourite subject is science and art.I am 8 years old, I like animals and activities. I go to different clubs that are very fun.My favourite colour is blue and my favourite animal is a dolphin and My teacher is Miss Carr.
That is about me.

All about us by Shaun and Michael

Our names are Michael and Shaun. We are best friends and we are in class 4.
We both have blonde hair and blue eyes and we are half cousins.
We like playing hide and seek and we like playing with our other cousins.
Our favourite subject is art.
Our teacher's name is Miss Carr. Class 4 is fun!
Would you please read class 4's blog and tell others about it?
Michael and Shaun

All about me!By Rhiannon

Hi I'm Rhiannon I'm In class 4 my favourite Animal is a cat.My favourite Colour is blue.My friend is Anna
I'm Good At Being COOL!!!.My favourite subject is ART.I Like to READ and WRITE stories.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sandridge School choir

Our school has an amazing choir that perform at a lot of important events.  At the moment we are singing Somewere over the rainbow and you raise me up.  Also we are singing  for Remembrance where have all the flowers gone and keep the home fires burning.  Most of our songs have harmony witch makes it sound amazing harmony is so hard to sing because they are usually very high or very low.  We have biscuits and a drink YUM!  In choir my favourite song is keep the home fires burning.
In choir my favourite song has been love is easy by Mcfly.
                By Ellie and Megan

Friday, 3 October 2014

Book fair thanks!

We haven't added up the total of money raised from the book fair yet but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the children and parents who supported this. We are at a really exciting stage with the development of our reading and this will give us the kick start we need to update the books we have in school.
Again I can't thank you enough for this week and as soon as I know how much we have to spend on books I'll put it up here.
Miss Carr

Eid mubarak!

Eid is a celebration that Muslims celebrate. It happens twice a year and Muslims get presents and pray in a mosque in the morning for an hour or so. Every year it happens a different date. There is Eid al fitr and Eid al udha. The whole family come over and open presents and play. We eat food such as dates,Somosas and roty. Every year I go to my nana's house my cousins come as well.

I can't wait until EID!

We've got some very creative children in year 4!

We have been blown away by some of the amazing pieces of homework coming in! 
In this piece we have a fantastic model of the pyramids of Giza,they were cut out of card and then glued with sand.
Not only this but she also made us a menu and crossword to test our knowledge!

Then we have a beautiful model of an Egyptian boat,this was made out of card and then carefully painted.

We then have a model of one of the pyramids,this has bern carefully cut so you can see all the steps and then painted. It looks amazing!

Well done year 4 on these amazing pieces of homework! You have worked extremely hard on these!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Freddie's blog post on Ancient Egypt

Hi we're in  year 4   We have come to tell  you a bit about. Pyramids of  Egypt  over  130  pyramids have  been  discovered in Egypt . But also the  great Giza is the oldest  and largest and  there  pyramid. Although it  has  lost 10 metres  and  (33feet) in hight it  still stands  around (146feet) .Above the ground it's true to say tutenkhamuns  tomb is