Friday, 13 February 2015

Year 4 art

This morning we painted a class sari. I helped paint pink and blue. 

Introducing Dimitri!

I am 8 years old. My favourite football team is Arsenal. My favourite game is football. I have a annoying little brother called Alexandros. I am Greek. My name is Dimitri. My favourite subject is maths. I have made friends with someone called James.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Statue of Liberty comes to Sandridge!

This is my Statue of Libety I made with my mum.
We made the model out of clay. First we drew it out then we turned it over and rubbed it so the picture was on the clay then we cut it out and pressed the lines in. Then we painted it.
I found out loads of facts about it and wrote it all out. 

DT comes to life by Felix

This year in DT we have been looking at making patterns for saris. First we tryed out several different paterns but not all of them went to plan. The next week we used string to put some of the patterns from our books and copy them onto a piece of card. The week after that we did prity much the same thing and we finished of all four of our patterns. Finally it was time to try these pieces of artwork out on paper. We had to paint the string after they had dried. The next step was to print them onto a piece of paper to see which one would work the best. We did quite a few but we just had decide on one. Even though it was quite tricky, some of us managed to do a multi-colourd pattern which was often the favourite. Some of us were even brave enough to use 4 colours!
This week we moved on even further. We moved on to washing a piece of fabric. Although some of us favour dark colours we were unable to use them as a result of only being able to use a certain amount of colours. Whereas if we washed with a lighter colour the amount of colour we were able to use was unlimited. This involved mixing a small amount of dark colours with more of a light colour such as mixing white with quite a light blue to make a lovely colour to be a background. As a result of all of this hard work and painting the fabric will need to dry in the duration of half term. 
After half term is when it gets really exiting and we get to print our patterns onto a proper sari. It might take a long time but in the end it will definitely be worth it.
I hope you have enjoyed reading and finding out what we have been doing in year four and I hope you have had fun reading it.
kind regards

The printing continues!

This afternoon we have started the final stage of our printing. Our string printing blocks are working really well and our fabric is looking amazing! Future designers we think!

Rhiannon's homework!

This is my homework on China. I searched on the internet for facts about China. I loved making it because it was fun and I got to draw pandas. 

My project

My project

For my project for school this year I made the Great Wall of China .  I made it out of cardboard, grey paint , marker pen and black paint .  I got help from my dad but I did most of it .  I drrew the windows, the bricks and then painted it.  My project took me a week to make .  It  was quite hard but I finished .  I think it looks really good so do my friends and my teacher .  It took ages ! I stayed up really late to finish my project .  It was really fun making my project .  I like making homework projects for school .  You get messy and you get to create . Even though we could do it about any country I chose the Great Wall of China because we are learning about China .  This is how I made it .  First my dad folded some cardboard to make the wall .  Then we got a big box and made the tower . The next day we both went to my grandma and granddad's house to paint my project grey. I painted the roof, the side, the front and the bridge .  My dad only did one side .  Then we went home .  The next day me and my dad finished the windows ,bricks and painted the roof black .  I painted the bricks while  my dad painted the roof black .  After that I wrote out some facts whilst my dad drew the windows .  After I had finished my facts,I coloured in the windows . My dad added some drains in and some holes in the bridge . 

This is a picture of me with my project . YAY !

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

saris by poppy

saris are for women to wear but boys dont wear saris but little girls sometimes wear them but not always.Did you know that married women only wore saris.But now children and adults can wear them to.   

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sandridge School match report

Yesterday was a great game of football between the great Sandridge school and the wonderful Wheatfields. It was intense and both teams were both very evenly matched and they also had a great team formation. About ten minutes in Wheatfields were on the break and they got forward and ended up  scoring an amazing goal. Sandridge responded quickly and Billy of Sandridge school weaved his way through the Wheatfields defence and ended up scoring a beautiful bottom corner goal.
By Felix