Friday, 30 January 2015

Study ladder

Hello Year 4!
I think I have set some activities for you to try on study ladder? Could you let me know if this has worked?
Miss Carr

Amazing India! By Megan

Ever wondered what other countries lay in our world? Well India is one of the most wonderful one of the m all.

Incredible wildlife 

Even though India has many scary animals,some of them are truly beautiful. India, home to many stunning animals, is a great place for game wardens. Although India has Elephants and Tigers 
many more are lurking in the wild. Animals, soft and fragile, are huggable in nearly and way.

Fab Food.

India has some of the MOST delectable food in the whole world. Another reason why you MUST go to
India is to taste the amazing food there. Wether it is cooked by one of our many Michelin starred chefs 
or prepared in the local market, you are sure to fall in love with the Indian food. A lot of people go to
India thinking that it would be boring but come back amazed. 

Wonderful Sights

One of the extraordinary sights in India is the Taj Mahal. Standing there in the amber sunrise, the Taj
Mahal stands there alone showing it beauty to everyone.  The Taj Mahal was built for a love story in the 17th century. Did you know that the Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world?

Incredible India by Isabelle

Have you ever wanted to travel the world?
Well if you are,I highly recommend you go to India.

I recommend India because there are so many amazing things to see,do,eat and places to go.

Even though India has some scary animals,there are still some more wonderful,cute,fragile,fast and mostly all harmless.Did you know that India has the BIGGEST population of tigers?Most tigers from other countries around the world are extinct or endangered,that's why there very special to India.

India has some really amazing and famous buildings,such as:theTaj Mahal,the monkey temple,the golden temple and a few more.The Taj Mahal was built for a love story by Shah Jan. If you are looking for beauty and romance, then the Taj Mahal is the place for you.

Indian food
If your looking for something to burst your taste buds with flavour then you must go to India.
India has all the food you could possibly get,sweet,sour,spicy and savoury! 
Such as:chillie,rice,vege,fruit such as dragon fruit,mangos,bananas,oranges and lots more!

India! By Avina

Have you ever dreamed of Paradise?Let India let your life relax and get all the stress out of the way. Why not take a magical trip to India?

Fabulous Food !
Another reason why you must go to India is to taste the exquisite local cuisine .Whether it is cooked by one of our many michelin starred chefs or prepared in the local market,you are sure to fall in love with our food. Let your taste buds go on a brand new adventure. You will be amazed of how many amazing foods you have never seen before. Taste juicy fruits like:dates,figs,oranges,bananas,dragon fruits and so much more.

Sight seeing

Did you know that 1of the 7 wonders of the world is in India,that is the Taj mahal. The Taj mahal is built from a love story in the 17th century.The golden temple was built for a sacrid place for Sikhs . The golden temple is in Punjab . The Taj mahal will all ways have an ancient Beaty.The monkey temple was built for monkeys to play and live there. The monkey temple is made out of stone and painted beautiful colours.

If you want to find out about Religion and culture, then India is the perfect place to do this.Here are some tasters of some of the things you could find out:
Many Indians are sikhs. Sikhs mainly pray in the Gurdawara. They give out food and deserts for free. In the Gurdawara you sit on the floor, so it is fair to the others. However,Sikhs have a few festiviels like : Divali, Gurals birthdays and some more.

India by Sophie

Do you need to spend time with your family for an unforgettable holiday to true paradise! Is your family always stressed  and tired of work? Well maybe we can fix that here in India.Imagine exploring ancient monuments and exquisite food. In addition to the different selection of incredible animals,India's amazing wildlife will turn your frown upside down. When you take your first step into India, you will feel relaxation and be ready for the big adventure that is about to occur.

The wonders of India make it a popular place,the vast Taj Mahal ( a very famous building in India ) ,stands tall high in the gold Indian sky,and  fulfills travellers and visitors with a breathtaking sensation.If you could just look above it, you would see this ancient building's brilliant beauty and floods of visitors every day! The Taj Mahal brings joy and hope to all who see it it's white marble walls are full of romance for you the outline of this building can be seen from miles away,it was made in the17th century the Taj Mahal has a love story behind it's symmetrical sides that will make your heart bump with happiness.

The wildlife in India will make you bubble like a volcano because of the giants that live here and the tiny ones.Some of them you might have seen in a zoo let me give you a clue they have massive feet and  rome through India like their enclosure  they carry heavy sacks on their back,another has black stripes.

Come to India! By Anna and Rhiannon

Dreamt of ever going to paradise? If so then India is the place for you!                                

Ride peaceful giants across India and see the Beauty they behold 

Come to India and see the wildlife 

The royal Bengal tiger is hunted for it's fur, that's why it is important to India. It is also important because it is the national animal of India. If you go there, I'm sure you will love the animals. The nilgai blue bull is the biggest species of antelope in India. 

Amazing India by jacob

Have you ever wondered what other Countries lay in our world? Well India is one of the most wonderful of them all. Laying in the Indian sunlight, you will wonder why you never came before.

Incredible Indian Wildlife!

Even though India has got many scary animals, some of them are truly wonderful in any way. India , home to many stunning animals, is a great place for game wardens. Although India has antelopes, elephants and tigers, many more are lurking in the wild. Animals, soft and fragile, are huggable in nearly in any way. You watch those peaceful giants strolling in big groups and you wonder why they are 
so rare.

Fabulous Food.

Indian food is spiced with the finest spices in the world! Exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and bananas
are sure to take your breath away. Another reason you must go to India is to taste Roti, Roti is a very well known food in India shaped as a circle. Whether it is cooked by by one of our many MIchellin starred chefs or from the local market,you will love it!

Rest and relaxation!

Do you need a rest?Then India is the place for you, with manny egotic wildlife and Relax

In Search with hope but landed in paradice.
Come,get a taste of Indiasofers.
India has a wide range of anamals including but not limited to tigers,snakes,rinos and lions

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Junk modelling please!

It wouldn't be a proper first day back if we didn't get all messy and creative in year 4 so if any of you have any junk modelling and newspaper for tomorrow that would be amazing!