Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Clay Madness

Today we started to make our Roman pots. Some of us made pots, some made bowls and some made cups. We designed them to be used for these different things and for rich and poor people. We used clay to shape it and some of us used our nails to carlve patterns. I made a bowl for a rich person and I carlved the Roman Numerals up 6.

 Here is one of our pots
 This is me shaping my pot
 They were very excited about how their pots looked
 An amazing lesson!
 We all enjoyed getting messy!
 She has made a cup
 Shaping our pots was the best
We didn't use tools
We all had an amazing time making our pots. We can't wait to do more with them!
By Bella

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Exciting blogging news!

We have now put a setting on our blog that will let you comment when you read our posts.
Let us know what yo uthink about what we are doing and ask us questions.
Miss Carr will check the comments first.

Friday, 25 April 2014

He shoots, HE SCORES!!

Today in class 4 we did some football for our PE. We all started with some dribbling but we didn't know our lefts and rights. When we were playing proper football matches, it started to rain. Some of the girls didn't like the rain! We went inside before three o'clock as it was pouring!

We all had an amazing day!
By Ronnie and Bella

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


This is class 4's first day back at school and we have made shields. Miss Carr first printed some examples of the Romans shields. Then we got scrap paper to draw what one we would want to make. After that we drew out shields on a bit of cardboard, then got a bowl and stuck it on the outline of our square, finally we painted them. Here are some photos of us making the shields.

Photos of the finished product to follow!

I have Romans in my class!

Back to school with a bang! Today we are starting our new topic and we have all come in to school dressed for the occasion! Miss Carr included!
Here are some of the characters from year 4.
  Uulia Calatina
  Publius Camilius Garilianus
Annia Spartica
  Cloelia Martialis
Vibius Curius Lucanus
Avita Dacien
 Marcus  Dillius Biticus
Lucius Sepurcius Lentulus
Fabia Lustina
Icilia Vibullia

Friday, 4 April 2014

Tudors had terrible manners!

The Tudors would even throw the bones from their food on the floor once they were done!

Ready steady feast!

Today in class 4 we had a Tudor feast. We ate many things that Tudors would had eaten for example: Chicken, Ham, pomegranate, crackers, cheese, jam, wine (juice), plums,tomatoes and honeycomb. We were going to have jelly but there wasn't enough time for it to settle. It was A REALLY GOOD ENDING TO THE TOPIC!!!!!!
Some of us had to be servants.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ready for battle! Sort of?

This is one of Henry VIII's helemts, he didn't wear it for battle though, this was for when he would be going on parades. We thought it was funny so we decided to make our own but Miss Carr said we could either make helmets for battle or for showing off like Henry!
These are the results!






Climate Cops

A couple of weeks ago we had the Climate cops in. They were teaching us about the environment and how we could look after it more.
Here are some pictures of us.

It was a great day!

Froggy Fun!

Today in Maths we had to use lilypads and blue and purple frogs. We used 7 lilypads and 3 of each frog to get each frog to the other side. It was very tricky because we kept moving the same frogs and in the end it kept blocking them. We had to do this by moving each frog. Each frog could not jump over more than two frogs, it could only jump over one frog. We enjoyed today doing investigations!!!