Thursday, 27 November 2014

I am the mummy Heb-nefert by Kyle

Beside the River Nile, the sun beamed down on the golden sand. On the sandy banks, people were wearing sandals. On summer's day the sun was bright and hot in Egypt.

Inside the house, the slithering snake was somewhere looking for rats.

On a beautiful, sunny morning Heb-nefert was laying on the ground beside the River Nile.  The sun was very hot on that day.

Heb-nefert was the most beautiful girl in the whole of Egypt.

On the edge of the village the nomarchs house sat.  That night she had to go to the ball to impress the pharaoh and his brother Ti.

Early one morning Heb-Nefert and her father approached the royal palace. Heb-Nefert's heart was beating wildly. She saw the golden sandstone palace and felt amazed. She got to the throne room that seemed very beautiful to her. She saw all sorts of jewellery placed around the golden room.

Heb-Nefert's dancing was stunning. The pharaoh whispered "She's quite good."
With all Heb-Nefert's might she twirled and swirled. "I wish I could marry her this minute!" murmured Ti in reply to the pharoah. "Will she make a good royal wife though?" he asked.
The pharaoh replied "We will see when you marry!"                 

They were soon married and they were husband and wife.
They were dancing and Ti whispered "you're so beautiful!" Heb-Nefert went red.

The next day they were in the garden. In the garden it was very peaceful. The moment they returned to the palace a little snake appeared. It bit Heb-Nefert and she lay dead.

Ti died heartbroken.

Anti bullying poem by Megan

Your heart is as hard as stone,
When you see me, you smile evilly as if you don't remember  when we were friends. Do you?
Do you see how you are just an error in my shameful life,
And now here I am getting more scars and cuts every second.
How and why do you make your identity a mystery?
Do you see me treading in fear to my dark, cold corner where blood was shed?
Can you hear my cries for help slowly fading away as no-one notices?
Why, I keep asking, are you so mean please answer me?
Your fist, a hard cold machine ready to do its job.
When I see you, your face is full of fear,
Now I don't know why I do it.
Now it is a habit that can't be stopped, constantly going on.
Can this be what this has done to me all I have been through I never thought of you?
Now I am sorry, now I can see
Now we can be friends like we were once before.
Now we can be friends you see, for all eternity, for all we live.
By Megan :)      

I am the mummy Heb-Nefert By Joseph

Beside the River Nile where the sun was beaming down on the scorching sand, the River Nile was gleaming because of scorching sun. A short distance away from the River Nile, a small settlement sat on the brownish, yellow sand. It was impossible to walk on the sand barefoot on the sand because it was heated by the humungous sun. A snake slithered by the settlement with its scales slowly getting hotter. Its scales were browner  than mud.

Inside one of the houses a person was busy making bread and collecting water. The River Nile was shimmering and making the slightest ripples as a crocodile crept along the bank.

Rising early in the morning sky, the sun was unaware of the exciting events that were about to happen to a girl named Heb-Nefert. Inside Heb-Nefert's house Heb Nefert  was busy squabbling enthusiastically about the biggest event in her young life. Her dad was extremely nervous about everything because he was trying to make everything perfect.

When they set off on their gargantuan journey, Heb Nefert's father muttered " Oh I don't know about this. What if we aren't ready?" But he knew if he would ever get to the palace he would have to persavere.

As they approached the russet brown palace, they saw jade green palm trees and a steel blue sky. Two guards were standing at the door with the straightest face ever. They were dressed all in shining armour that was made of the finest tin. " Do you have an appointment with the pharoah?" asked one of the guards showing his loyalty. "I do. It's at 4:30. It's for the pharoah and his brother." replied Heb Neferts father. "State your name and business please." asked the second guard carrying on the conversation."I am Joseph and I am a nomarch."stated Heb Nefert's father. " You may pass!" exclaimed the guard.

As they entered the collossal palace they saw paintings that were framed in gold as well as silver

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Friday, 21 November 2014

I am the mummy Heb-Nefert by Fahd

Many, many year ago in Ancient Egypt the sun was shining down on the golden sand. A short distance away from the River Nile there was a village with little houses. At the end of village there was a big house where the Nomarch lived .Sometimes the palm trees gave shade from the sun.

At the edge of  the village there was a girl called Heb-Nefert.  She was a very good dancer and her mother died.  Heb Nefert looked very beautiful. she was the colour of the sun, she even smelt like flowers.