Monday, 29 September 2014

Teachers in the making!

Today we had to learn about different triangles,Miss Carr then made us teach a mini lesson on them. We had to be really good at drawing them properly and explaining about the sides. 


Our 2D shape sort

We used symmetry and straight sides to sort our 2D shapes out. We thought of ways to sort like how many corners. We knew all of these shapes even the irregular ones!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Jacob and Kyle's post on football!

Every Friday some of the best footballers in the school come together to meet for a fun bit of football. Boys and girls from year 1 to year 6 can go and we always accept new members.
We like football because we are inspired by the amazing players from the world cup.
We both like watching football as well as playing but we don't like it when our teams lose. We like being on the team as we help each other!
Sadnridge school football club is epic!
Jacob and Kyle

The book fair is coming

On Monday 29th September the book fair is coming for a week.Every day after school the book fair will be open to sell books for children.Any book we buy will earn us money to buy new books for our library.They have books like minecraft and Tom Gates which look fun and intresting . Please come and buy some books for your children to read!
Megan and Avina

Monday, 22 September 2014

A perfect pyramid!

These are the pieces of work we love! We set homework projects over the term to encourage the children to be creative with their learning and as you can see we've got off to an amazing start to the term!
We have a Pyramus made entirely of sugar cubes! These were glued together and then painted. The model even has Egyptian characters!

Next we have an Egyptain canopic jar. You can see all the jewels and gold over it which mean it must've been for someone special,

The third project we had was from Megan, she brought in a mummy she had made complete with canopic jar! The poor doll had to be mummified to come into school! Homework can be painful!


Well done year 4!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Brilliant Banksy and his paint

One week ago brilliant banksy's aquaintences helped us to create stencils to make fabulous spray painted art. When we were spray painting we looked like dentists! It was awesome being able to try something new and creative. We made two pieces of art representing our school. We made two stencils with the first letter of our name and of a symbol that means a lot to us! When we were doing it we had to wear glasses that helped protect us. We had to spray in lines and not continuelly because that would spray too much paint and it would drip! The paint was very dangerous to peoples eyes even though it was non toxic. Then we took our stencils home.

By Felix, Joseph and Junayd
Thank you for reading! 
We hope you like it! 
Remember to not do this at home as it is very dangerous!

Thursday, 18 September 2014


We are learning about Blogs and how they are used. The Blog is important because it sends information all over the world.Contacting other places is good for some people as it helps them know the world better, also others can find what happens around in different parts of the world.We have to be carful as the internet can be a dangerous place.So we don't put both our first and last name,our address,how old we are,also don't take a picture of yourself with your name under it.

By  MiĆ   and  Sophie.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Another set of year 4 rascals!

Before we start I would like to say that the title is Freddie's idea and not mine! (Miss Carr)

We have had a messy start to the year with our new topic theme on Ancient Egyptians. We have made death masks and we have started our tomb.
It looks like we are all settling in really well, especially our newbies! We love them! We have Mia, Sophie, Eugene, Freya and Shaun.
From now on we will be taking over the blog from Miss Carr as this is a unit we will be doing in computing (ICT) so watch this space!