Friday, 13 November 2015

Halfway through term already?

We've been very busy in Year 4. Not only have we looked at Boudicca's rebellion in history, we've also studied Roman armour and formations, and are now testing the strength of different shaped columns to see if the Romans really knew what they were doing building that civilisation two millennia ago.

We've completed our first unit in science exploring sound, and we learned about the properties of sound, such as the fact that it needs to have a medium to travel through, and it can be insulated against by scattering the waves. We also did a bit of Morse code to explore one of the earliest mixtures of sound and electricity.

The children are learning about the holidays in French, and have recently completed a booklet about Pierre et Monsieur Bonhomme de Neige (Mr Snowman). Continuing their Roman theme in Art, they are completing some colourful mosaics. They have learned about Hinduism in RE. Year 4 are learning programming in Scratch, which they are eating up!

In PE we have completed a unit on invasion games, where we had the children invent their own game on a field with a ball, a point system, and defined rules. We have also been working on dance, and right now we are finishing the Haka!

We have completed our Greek Mythology unit in English and are now working on non-chronological reports, where we are about to start researching an animal to write a report about. Soon we will move on the modern poetry, including free verse.

We've moved through many concepts in Maths, including the commutative properties in multiplication and addition, equivalent fractions and lines of symmetry in shapes, as well as many others.

We are now gearing up for the Christmas season, including Anti-Bullying week next week.