Monday, 30 March 2015

Planning an Easter menu!

We have been thinking about the different foods eaten around the world at Easter and now we are designing our own menus! 
Ellie is going to have lamb because it represents Jesus and we usually eat it at Easter. 
Sophie is going to have pea soup for a starter as in Germany they eat green foods on Maundy Thursday.
Felix is going to serve cabbage soup for his starter,Kyle is going to serve lamb with vegetables for his main and Anna and Rhiannon are going to serve a sponge cake with a jam filling and a cross on the top for the dessert. 


Em and Peter are in today working with us on Easter and what it means. They just told the whole story with just a piece of paper and each piece was cut and folded to make a different part of the story! 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Den building!

The next part of our day has been den building. We were so excited! We worked really well as a team to build these!
What do you think?

Nomansland part 1!

So we have arrived in Nomansland! So far we have been running around doing orienteering. We've had to use a map with a giant compass to find markers. 
We're running around to keep and having a lovely morning! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Shoe boxes for school

Dear parents, at school we are doing a project in art and we could really do with your help. We are making Cinese Dragons . We would appreciate it if you could bring in shoe boxes to school ASAP. 

Thank you
By Felix.

Ps we only need thirty