Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Wobbly science!

In class 4 we were trying to see the temperatures of the liquid and seeing if the solid inside it would dissolve.We were using jelly as it was Henry VIII's favourite food and we will make it for our feast.Mrs Taylor our scinentist has bought us new test tubes and beakers so we used these.

We rotated the pictures but it didn't come out on the post.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Classical music boosts concentration-based on an article in the Daily Telegraph

Do you listen to music when you do your homework?

While bouncy pop songs or fast-paced rock may not be the best choices when solving a difficult maths problem, there is one type of music that could help you to concentrate.

Research by the Institute of Education at the University of London has found that classical musicXmusic written for traditional European instruments in styles that developed between the 17th and early 19th centuries. The term is also used to describe any music written in these styles, even in the present can have a positive effect on the study habits of primary school children.

According to their findings, listening to the works of famous composers such as Beethoven or Mozart doesn't just help children to concentrate; it also teaches them how to listen carefully and pay attention to details, which is an important part of learning in many subjects.
Other benefits include the widening of musical knowledge and an improved ability to deal with other people.

Children who listen to classical music also grow up to appreciate more styles of music than other people, it is claimed.

The researchers' conclusionsXfinal ideas or decisions reached by someone after looking at the facts and figures of an experiment or investigation were based on a special set of music lessons that have been used in assemblies and classrooms at 26 London primary schools.

Year 4 what are your thoughts on this?

This week's maths

This we are looking at shape and symmetry, have a look at some of the games on this website and let me know how you get on!
Miss Carr


How to play catch with slime!

This was part of our science wow activity. Miss Carr made us a bowl of slime that looked and moved like a liquid but when we pushed it or hit it then it was hard like a solid!

If we kept it moving then it would stay like a solid but if we stopped then it went through our fingers.

The class was a mess by the end!

PE-Rocky style!

We are really lucky to be having boxing for our PE lessons at the moment! Miss Carr is going to get some more pictures but heres a picture of one of our boys pracising 'boxing face'!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Boxing class

Today we started a new unit of PE. The exciting thing was that we are being coached in boxing. We had Mr Jonesand Mr Hall come in to teach us how to stand and how to jab. It was great fun as we took it in turns to wear the gloves and pads. We already can't wait for next weeks lesson!

A brand new topic! Mighty Monarchs!

So we are back to school today and gettting stuck straight into our new topic. We will be working through a unit on the Tudors and the children are already excited!
Today we have looked at Hampton Court Palace so the children have been making our own version for the class, Kitty is our expert as she went yesterday! How organised!