Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Attention footballers!

All people that played this year for the school football team can you please bring your socks back.
If you think you have brought all of your kit back including your socks can you just make sure that you have checked and are totally sure that you have brought them back.
We are missing three pairs of school football socks so we are asking you to have a look at home and see if you have any.
This is directed to all football players that have played this year.
We need these socks for next year otherwise some football players will look very odd when they play their matches!
I am a part of the school football team myself and I really want to have the socks in school for next year.
Thank you for reading this and please look at home if you have any football socks

By Joseph

Friday, 26 June 2015

Help needed!

We have the summer fair coming up on the 4th July and we need parents help to run our stall. We are having a book stall again as we are still buying books for the library. You would only need to do half hour slots (more if you want!) but any help is appreciated!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Another instrument!

 Now we have a flute!

From the double bass to the clarinet!

We're giving the double bass a try!

It's pretty tricky playing the thick strings on the double bass!

Music assembly

We are really lucky at Sandridge to have so many musical adults working with us. This morning Mrs Kelly and Mrs Taylor are playing just a small selection of their instruments for us! 

They are currently playing jazz for us!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Prasutagus is disgusted at the Roman's behaviour!

Prasutagus explains how he made the deal with the Romans to keep the peace for his people and now the Romans have broken their promise!
This is his outraged face

Boudicca tells all!

Boudicca explains her reasons for leading the revolt against the Romans.
The Roman soldier on the left doesn't agree! He says they just wanted to use the land to support the people!

Hmmm the Romans have got a point!

According to the Roman Emperor and the General,they did the Celts a favour! The General thinks that Boudicca could never have led her tribe after the king died as she was just a girl and they would use the land better!

We're outraged!

Prasutagus and Boudicca are here,they're not happy at the Emporer's reasons for taking all of the land!

Jeremy Kyle comes to Sandridge!

Today we are exploring the actions of Boudicca by inviting all characters involved to the Jeremy Kyle show! Prepare for some conflict as the Emporer just arrived!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Picnic time!!

We are sat outside having our picnic with the parents! 
True the sun is being a bit shy but we're all excited!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Fantastic programme on!

I know it's late but you might be able to get it on catch up for the children to watch tomorrow.
It's called Rome's invisible city on bbc 1. It's so interesting!
Miss Carr

Today we're Roman mosaic designers!

Yes it's the first day back and yes it's messy as always! 
This morning we looked at the mosaics from Pompei and now we are designing and making our own! They look fabulous!