Friday, 4 July 2014

Juicy afternoon

It has been so hot so we had some watermelon this afternoon. We all had a slice. It was extremely delicious! Miss Carr cut it into 14 pieces.
We all got very juicy and some of us got red juice everywhere! I thought it was very funny when I had to wipe my mouth quite a few times! We all had a great afternoon.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden

This is one of my green beans that I have just eaten it is the first fully grown one. As well as this,there are a lot more things I have grown. Also there is another picture of the bush.I have grown a type of chilli it is not the hottest chilli, dad puts them in our curry.The next plant is a mini cucumber that has not quite grown yet. After this plant, thre is my corn which is just leaves at the moment.I grow many other things such as rhubarb that has not spread too far and is still in progress. The next plant after this is strawberries they are really sweet.Also my tomatoes are green and the first picture shows my first green bean which Was the first one picked.