Thursday, 19 June 2014

Proud to be Sandridge!

As a teacher there will be moments throughout the school year that you are filled with pride. Perhaps a child has achieved something they have been working towards,perhaps they overcame a challenge or perhaps they have shown an particularly good attitude.
Today was a day that I experienced all 3. We took some of our key stage 2 children to the district sports tournament,something our school hasn't done in a while,and it's fair to say they were truly amazing. Not only did they give 100% in every single activity but they did so with such positive attitudes and such encouragement towards others that it made me more than I can express!
If you took part or if you supported then you are one of the things that make Sandridge a truly wonderful school. Yes I'm a soppy and slightly over emotional teacher but you did us proud
Well done all!

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