Thursday, 15 May 2014

Deep thinking Thursday!

So we had a small group last week who took part in a discussion on world debt. This was a fantastic session and you could see some really strong opinions coming through from the children with a really clear sense of right and wrong.
Here are a couple of the pieces of writing we did based on this! Please let us know your thoughts on this issue by commenting below!

Should we cancel world debt?

Africa has been loaned billions of pounds but has spent it all on the wrong things like weapons and wars. But how has this happened? We will discuss it in this post.

Africa, a poor area of the world, has borrowed a lot of money for schools, hospitals, water supplies etc. However they have spent it all on the wrong things like weapons, guns and other things for war. But they want some more money for things they were supposed to spend it on.

My opinion is that they should pay it in some instalments over a longer amount of time because they would just lose a lot of money if they paid it in one go and also because they don’t have it. Also part of the money isn’t going to part of the countries of Africa.

I think that we should pay them half of the money that we loaned them and they give us a chunk of the money that we have loaned them.

Everybody deserves a second chance so I think we should give them some more money because the poor countries are the ones that are suffering and the rich countries are not. But if they do get some more money they have to pay it on educations, hospitals, schools and water supplies or we will not give them any more money.

 I think we should send over super sergeants and super builders to teach the people of Africa how to build and how to nurse as well as teaching people how to be doctors.

By Joseph
Should we cancel world debt?
World debt is an amount of money that country not paying back another country who borrowed money to help the country build hospitals, schools and water systems.
In my opinion they should give us half of the debt that they owe us and in the future we will lend them more money in large amounts. Because poor parents that have children that don’t have education and that were born with disease they should build schools, also people that don’t have water. These aren’t the country’s opinions, these are my opinions. Comment your opinions on this post.
In addition, in the future they should use the money on things for the poor such as hospitals, schools, water systems and many more things because it helps our doctors and teachers who are going over to Africa and helping them. If some of our doctors and teachers went over and trained people to be doctors and teachers, that would build up their money for their country but also they would stop needing as much help.
By Ronnie J

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