Monday, 10 February 2014

Armpit chocolate

Yes you read this right, one of the girls decided to make some melted chocolate for the head teacher, she used her armpit?? But strangely our head teacher didn't want it?
We are learning about the diiferent temperatures that things melt, we tried ice cream (in our mouths and the class) and then we moved on to chocolate! YES!

 oooh it's all squidgy!
 These are our crayons! Don't tell Mrs Impey!
 It wouldn't be chocolate without marshmallows would it!
 We used logits to see how hot the temperature was.
 We made a new color with those crayons.
 Anybody up for hot chocolate?
 I was shocked to see the temperature turned that hot!
 This is one of our logits.
 BBQ chocolate! We had to put our candles in sand to keep it safe.

Yummy! We really enjoyed this lesson! WE ALL LOVE SCIENCE!!

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