Friday, 14 July 2017

This will be my last blog post for Year 4 and Sandridge School. As you all know by now, I will be moving on to another school in September. I have really enjoyed this school and the people in it, and it is going to be difficult for me to say goodbye. I hope to see people around, however, and be able to say hi.

Next week your children will be bringing lots of things home with them. They will be sending you their books from Year 3 that we have been keeping safe in the Year 4 cupboard. They will also be cleaning out their trays and lockers and bringing home their PE kits. I certainly hope there are no swimming kits left in here, but if so we will find them and send them home (assuming they aren't able to get up and run off under their own power).

They will also need to bring in all of the school property that they have at home, namely their library books. These MUST be in by Monday. We will be taking inventory on Monday and assessing replacement costs for lost books.

We've been doing a lot of end of year assessments in class this week. The children have been taking practise SATs tests for the last few weeks and we have been going over the responses together. It has been useful for them to get used to taking the types of tests that governments and higher institutions give out regularly, and to give them a taste of life in Year 6.

We have also done assessing in the major areas of maths that we've covered this year. We did an assessment test in place value, fractions and multiplication/division. Next week we will finish with geometry, statistics and addition/subtraction. These assessments will go to Miss Pratchett to help her plan for next year.

We are finishing up our topic on the Romans, our Science on habitats and food chains, and our RE on Hindu stories and moral lessons. We have an end-of-year party planned for our half-day on Friday, so if anyone has any U rated DVD films to loan for the day, it would be much obliged.

I hope to see you all during the next week to say goodbye and to celebrate the successful end of another school year.

Best wishes to all,

Mr Thompson

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