Friday, 21 March 2014

Dream Giver by Ronnie

Silently, a group of children were happilly sleeping in an orpahange until a mysterious creature came cruising into the room carrying a bag of gleaming eggs. He didn't look very nice. Suddely he came swooping in and landed safely on the ground.

He grabbed one of his eggs and broke it. Carefully, he poured some mysterious liquid on to the video game. Suddenly a beam of gold shot onto the roof and the little boy was playing his favourite game (Paintball 4) He kept cherring because he was beating his best friend.

The Dream Giver slowly glided over to the next child. Once again he poured some more of the golden liquid on to a baseball bat. Suddenly another beam of gold shot up onto the roof,the Dream Giver could see him playing baseball in his dreams and saw him score his forst home run.

Finally the Dream giver moved on to the final child and pooured the liquid on to a book. A beam of golden goodness shot on to the roof and the Dream giver saw the child as an astronaut. As he was about to leave the Dream Giver had not realised he hasd left an egg on the bed. When the little boy in the second bed hit a ball in his dream, the egg fell off and the liquid covered an action figure of the evil Dark Knight. As soon as the egg cracked, the Dream giver turned around and saw what was happening in his drea,m and saw the Dark Knight pull the boy into a portal.
As quickly as possible, the Dream Giver poured the liqid onto a teddy bear laying nearby.

Suddenly the little boy woke up to see nothing. he picked up the action figure and pressed his belly. A roar came out and the boy realised it had all been just a dream so he lay back down and went back to sleep.

The Dream Giver flew away to move on to his next house and his next set of dreams,

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